Tom’s surprise day out!

22368954_10155543576785259_1910937941_oI planned a surprise day out for Tom. There wasn’t a particular reason why, I just love a good surprise and the joy it can bring others. Plus, he does put up with my crazy ass so it feels like the least I can do to say thank you for loving me. I started the day by making him a naughty breakfast of pancakes with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream – Vegan of course.

We then walked to the station. He knew we were going to London but not that we were going to the V&A Museum for the Pink Floyd Exhibition. Being right next door to the Natural History Museum I thought I could throw him off the scent. I have to thank my fantastic friend Catherine for making me aware of this exhibition. We just caught it in time as it had been running since the start of the year and ends mid October.


Both Tom and I grew up with Pink Floyd being a big part of our parents lives. This was obviously fed down and has influenced mine and Tom’s taste in music. Tom, more so than me, is a big Pink Floyd fan. Being a musician Tom obviously geeked out to seeing the gear, in particular David Gilmour’s guitars and old school pedals. I loved seeing the making of the Animals album cover and the film reels from the ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘A Momentary Laps of Reason’ album cover shoots.

You’re provided with headsets that play instrumental parts of various Pink Floyd tracks as you move through the exhibition. What was cool is that there are screens throughout showing small 5 minute documentaries of various aspects of the bands career and the headsets tune into each one when you’re within a certain distance – very clever! At the end you take off your headset and sit in a room and look up at the walls of screens and watch/listen to Pink Floyd at Live 8. The lighting made you almost feel as if you were there in 2005. It was amazing to learn about the band and see just how talented they are and how destined they were for great things. It’s a very visual exhibition with a lot of videos, posters, photographs and installations. If it wasn’t ending next week I would definitely recommend music fans check it out.

Afterwards we headed over to Camden to hit up VBurger and explore the market. Camden on a Saturday is hell on earth, I should have known better. It was so packed you were going at a snail’s pace, if moving at all. The seitan shcnitzels with cheese and skin on fries with garlic mayo made the chaos worth it. The team at V Burger were so friendly and the burgers were delicious. If you’re in Camden, definitely hit it up. They’re situated in the main food market on the left just as you go over the canal.